Introducing #TeamKate Stories

The old adage is that politics is about people and in London North Centre, that couldn’t be more true.

Without question, the best part of this campaign so far has been the chance to connect already with so many Londoners. Every day I meet new people who are committed to the work we can do together to improve our community - and they are joining our campaign to get this done.

This commitment is powerful for so many reasons, but one of the most important is that together we are building more relationships. We are meeting our neighbours and building connections with Londoners we didn’t know before. We are building a team.

This is how we make our city better. One relationship at a time.  

But these connections should reach more people. Everyone who cares about fairness and opportunity should have the chance to get to know our growing community of supporters.

That’s why today we’re launching #TeamKate Stories. They’re stories of passion and commitment, of long-time political champions, of young people getting involved for the first time and of people new to London who see our potential and so much more.

Get to know #TeamKate and join us as we work together to fight for London North Centre.