Politics: It Takes A Village

Less than two weeks ago, I launched my campaign for the Ontario Liberal nomination in London North Centre. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so little time, as so much has happened already.

As a new candidate, I was surprised at how quickly my interactions with Londoners changed after the announcement. Almost immediately, daily interactions have turned into policy conversations. A visit with a friend who owns a small business quickly evolved into a spirited discussion about how to support employees and business development. A coffee with a newcomer to London provided fresh insights about the quality of life in our city. A meeting with a community faith leader drew heartbreaking and angering stories about Londoners’ continued experiences with racism. Everyday encounters at the grocery store, on campus, at the library, and even walking down the street led to engaged conversations about the issues that matter most in each person’s life. I even had someone approach me on the bus to talk about the availability of good sushi options in London (not really a provincial issue, but still important!).

One thing is clear: there are countless opportunities facing our city as we head into next year’s provincial election. And Londoners have a lot to say about them. Thankfully, that’s what election campaigns are all about - engaging in dialogue about the issues that matter most, generating new ideas, and identifying concrete actions we can take to benefit our city, and our province.

Politics, and making change, takes a village. It takes people stepping up to offer advice and new ideas. It takes volunteers who are willing to connect with their networks to bring new people into the discussion. It takes people who are willing to make a donation to support candidates they want to represent them.

Today we are launching our donate page, and I hope you will make a donation. Every dollar will make a big difference. Please consider giving at whatever level is comfortable to you. I’m grateful and humbled by your support.

Politics takes a village, and I am hoping you’ll be a part of it.