Londoners need much better rail service

Today's announcement of the extension of GO Rail service along the Kitchener-London corridor, at the same speed as the existing Via Rail service, is both good news and very frustrating.

On the positive side: good work by Mayor Holder and others to persuade the province to do something to improve rail service between places like London, St. Mary's, Stratford and Kitchener. It's a win for London. We should celebrate it.

On the frustrating side: we have so much more to do! We can't be satisfied with incremental improvements alone and this does not improve service between London and Toronto. We have to aim higher! A four-hour travel time to Toronto just doesn't cut it.

London is the fourth busiest Via Rail station in the entire country. We are growing rapidly. The congestion on the 401 will get worse and worse over the next two decades. We need much, much better rail service.

If you support more frequent, more reliable and improved rail service between London and Toronto (either through Kitchener or through Brantford) please sign your name and spread the word.

We have to stand up as a community and push for the rail service we need. And not stop until we get it.

Will you sign?