London's time has come!

London is the 6th largest city in Ontario, home to nearly 400,000 people and growing. We have world class education and health care institutions, and businesses, organizations and people in our community are increasingly connected on a global scale. As our city grows, the pressures on our transportation network will continue to intensify. It’s high time that we have a transit system that meets our city’s needs, for today and tomorrow.

I was absolutely thrilled to hear that the Province of Ontario is investing up to $170 million in London’s transit system. London is the largest city in Canada without a rapid transit system, and significant investments have been made in other communities. London’s time has finally come.

Public transit investments make our cities more sustainable, more affordable, more competitive, and more livable. Our Ontario government’s $190 billion investment in infrastructure - including public transit - is unprecedented. I’m thankful for the leadership the Ontario government has shown by investing in public transit infrastructure, including in London. This is one of the reasons why I’m a Liberal.

I can’t think of another project where Londoners have been more engaged, on all sides of the issue. It’s great to see. This project matters, and people have a lot to say about it! Like so many opportunities in front of us, as the process of planning London’s rapid transit system continues on, it’s important that we all stay engaged. Keep listening, keep learning, and keep talking. We need to ensure this investment brings the maximum long-term benefit for our city.

As your voice at Queen's Park, I will fight for London to make sure our city and Londoners get a fair share of provincial funding. Transformative announcements, like today's rapid transit funding news, are exactly what we need to ensure our city is ready for the future.